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I'm known as Shazzbaa, a lover of tie-dye and an artist of dragons, gryphons, medieval monsters, furries, faeries, and the occasional superhero comic. ^_~
I've literally been drawing "since I could hold a pencil" (or crayon, as the case may be), and I've always been known for my incessant, incurable sketching. I was largely self-taught before entering college, and I still owe most of my skill to this constant practice more than any sort of instruction.

I'm currently attending the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and I intend to major in Sequential Art (a fancy term for comicking) and minor in Animation.

Is your name really Shazzbaa?
No, sadly, it's not. My parents made it up as a "possible" name for me... and although my mother quite adamantly decided against it in favour of something more normal, I've since adopted it as a spiffy pseudonym. :3

Do you take requests or commissions?
I don't take requests, but I offer commissions on my breaks from college. You can find my current commission status and a price chart over here on my Commissions Page.

Who is Foskie?
Mr. Foxy Guy, aka "Foskie," is a large plush fox I received from Santa one Christmas who seems to have gotten a mind -- and a life -- of his own. Due to his natural foxy charm and obvious business skill, we've put him in charge of the family website.

Got a question for me? Can't promise I'll have the answer, but feel free to ask!

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Art and Characters on this website are Shazzbaa unless otherwise noted.